The robotic dog that can open doors

Jon Howard
February 15, 2018

Since then, it has noticeably increased its media output, with it revealing its flipping Atlas robot in November of past year.

In a newly released video, an updated version of the SpotMini can be seen approaching a door and extending its head-mounted gripping claw to open a door. Additionally, the arm rotates at its base, allowing the robot to keep holding the door open for itself as it follows its buddy through.

In a YouTube video with over a million views, a four-legged robot made by Boston Dynamics opens a door.

Boston Dynamics, best known for Atlas, its 5 foot 9 humanoid robot, has revealed a new "lightweight" version of its robot Spot Mini.

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From around the corner, emerges an advanced prototype bearing an appendage that simply reaches out and opens the door handle, because reaching around the back and pulling it open.

Just last week, Chinese firm EXDOLL announced it had built a sex robot capable of washing your dishes - and even laughing at your jokes. Until 2017, however, the company was owned by Google, later Alphabet, which had acquired it in 2013. The show's creator told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that the episode was, indeed, inspired by the Boston Dynamics robots. Last time out it appeared as though we got a preview of a pair of Kinect-style 3D cameras that could give a little more insight into the robot's navigation system.

The SpotMini has no neck but an array of sensors placed where its shoulders would be. If your answer is "doors", then you're unfortunately fresh out of luck. "They're coming to murder us", said another.

Think we're being paranoid?

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