Trump administration's budget plan would cut Great Lakes cleanup programs

Violet Powell
February 15, 2018

With that in mind, compare the size of the Finger Lakes and the Great Lakes and it's easy to see what an enormous resource the Great Lakes are and how many people are directly affected by them. Last year, Congress' Republican-led House Appropriations Committee voted to buck their leader and fought to preserve the Great Lakes funding.

Other programs remain nearly fully funded, including those devoted to cleaning up Superfund sites and surface water protection. The cut proposed in the Trump administration's budget is part of an overall $3 billion budget reduction to the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Donald Trump's budget includes no money for so-called Clean Water Act Section 319 programs, which help communities reduce polluted runoff.

The coalition also criticized the administration's proposed "infrastructure" plan saying it actually makes less money available for key projects that protect human and environmental health. "Once again, we will gear up in a bipartisan manner, to save the Great Lakes funding." Sen. Senator Stabenow says she was stunned by the proposal.

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"If there's one thing we've learned, we can't take it for granted that others understand how important our water is", Stabenow said. "People across MI spoke out and took action past year to stop these cuts and I know they'll do so again". The Great Lakes are an invaluable resource to OH, and this initiative has been a successful public-private partnership that helps protect both our environment and our economy.

"The Trump Administration missed a major opportunity to help communities restore their water infrastructure". That's up $397 million from past year.

Trump's budget would give it $30 million.

U.S. Congressman Fred Upton, a Republican from MI, released the following statement: "Michigan deserves better than this". While this budget proposal - like all other presidential budget proposals - is merely a blueprint, it does set the administration's priorities. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is a vital tool used to boost our Great Lakes both environmentally and economically. "I will fight these draconian cuts in every way that I can".

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