Android P will block background apps from accessing the microphone or camera

Allan Goodman
February 22, 2018

The New York Times found previous year that over 250 apps for Android are tracking users via the devices' microphones and cameras for ad purposes.

Working with partners online and in stores, Google Pay will be present on sites and in apps all around the world. By adding a new line of code to the apps' UID, Android will cut off app's access to the camera and microphone when a UID is idle and when a device goes into sleep mode. There is also a "Cards" page which divides out individual credit, debit, gift and reward cards.

In the coming months, Google Pay will allow users to send money back and forth to friends and family electronically. It will work similar to how Android Pay worked, meaning you can use your payment information that is stored across all kinds of websites and apps. It's also giving "a fresh coat of paint" to its seven-year-old peer-to-peer payment system, Google Wallet, now renamed Google Pay Send. The app also showing up in the Google Play Store.

Android assigns a UID (User ID) to every app that a user installs on their device, and this new feature is based on this only.

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XDA Developers uncovered two upcoming features of Android P that are sure to delight privacy advocates: Apps that are inactive in the background will be unable to use the microphone or camera. There are even various types of transportation that will use Google Pay, such as in major cities across the country. In the meantime, the Wallet app is now called Google Pay Send.

Google has imposed some limitations to prevent this sort of behavior in recent versions of Android, but this new step will make it even harder for apps to abuse the permissions granted to it. In terms of functionality, there isn't all that much here that's new.

After signing into the app with a Google account and giving the app access to location data and calendar information. For other countries however, Google has not revealed any specific release dates yet. We know this is going to be a service that many people will use, especially as more stores accept it.

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