McDonald's is getting ready to make 'Rick and Morty' fans very happy

Peter Castro
February 23, 2018

McDonald's is bringing back Szechuan sauce (again) and this time, the company appears to have learned from last year's ugly sauce debacle. And we're excited to announce that starting Monday, February 26, 20 million packets of Szechuan Sauce will be available across all US McDonald's restaurants with a qualifying purchase, while supplies last (which this time around, we hope is a while). Nationwide, 20 million packets will be available.

A disappointed "Rick and Morty" fan looking for Szechuan sauce.

For the truly devoted Szechuan fans, a three-part podcast was released devoted to explaining the phenomenon that is the sauce and explaining what happened a year ago. "Our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet that demand".

The sauce was a limited-edition menu item released alongside Disney's "Mulan".

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But the sauce truly gained notoriety after the Adult Swim science fiction comedy series "Rick and Morty" made references to the sauce in several episodes. The next day, McDonald's had to offer fans an apology online. Sauce shortages led to mass frustration among the Rick and Morty fanbase, causing riots and prompting extreme reactions.

On a website made by McDonald's devoted to the sauce, the firm apologized over the fiasco and said it wanted to "fully make amends". Produced in conjunction with Gizmodo and Onion Labs, the podcast features real life execs and the likes of Deadmau5, all talking about how Szechuan Sauce blew up, what went wrong last October and more.

"How do we get from the pinnacle of PR perfection to people rioting in the streets on the first of October?" the host asks in the first episode of "The Sauce". Even the police were called in some situations to keep disgruntled fans at bay.

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