'Super Mario Odyssey' gets its Balloon World update

Allan Goodman
February 23, 2018

If you haven't played Super Mario Odyssey in a bit, you might consider going back to it to check it out.

In their official blog post, the developers at Nintendo made the announcement that they are rolling out a brand new update for the game.

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Although it's worth noting that as of right now, Nintendo have still not confirmed or denied this rumour, regardless how blatent it is. Odyssey fans will soon be able to experience a whole new level with Luigi. The Find It mode challenges a bunch of players online to find the ones hidden by real human players.

Talk to Luigi in any of the kingdoms to start playing.

A number of new filters have been added to Snapshot Mode.

Take a look at the full listing of changes on the official website.

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Ever one for nice surprises, Nintendo released its new, free update for Super Mario Odyssey without warning yesterday, delighting Switch owners everywhere with more costumes, photo mode filters, and a new game mode called Luigi's Balloon World.

Balloon World focuses on Luigi, who shows up in different kingdoms to give Mario a new challenge. And then, in Find It mode, you have the same amount of time to locate balloons that have been hidden by other players from around the world. Creative use of captures is key to success! You get points in both of these modes and depending on how good you happen to be, you can move up the world rankings.

Also included in the update are a range of new outfits and Snapshot filters created to give Mario a whole new look. The colorful red guy can now dress up in all the new outfits the developers have designed for him and it is sure to make the game more addictive than it is already is, with these customization options.

More new outfits are planned, says Nintendo, so keep your eyes peeled.

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