Answers to Trump's tweets on Russian Federation probe

Violet Powell
February 24, 2018

It's time to start paying serious attention to the Russian Federation investigation.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, seeking to blunt criticism that the Trump administration has not punished Russian Federation over its 2016 election meddling, cryptically hinted Tuesday that an unpublicized action had already been taken. In fact, when Moscow insisted that the USA reduce its diplomatic staff in retaliation for some Treasury Department sanctions, Trump thanked Putin, saying "we are trying to cut down on payroll".

Trump has previously criticized Obama for not doing more to prevent meddling. They were directed by Vladimir Putin, a dictator, thug, corrupt oligarch and thief, but Trump has yet to disavow anything Putin has done or said.

But Karl asked Sanders if President Donald Trump really thought-as he tweeted over the weekend-that the FBI failed to stop a school shooting in Florida because it was preoccupied with the investigation of the Trump campaign's potential collusion with Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

We don't know the impact, but we do know Obama did retaliate by throwing a lot of Russian diplomats out of the country and confiscating two of their choice properties.

Liberals have used Trump Jr.'s words to illustrate their belief that Russian Federation may have leverage over Trump because of his previous business dealings in the country. For one, we suggest they wish to portray the Mueller investigation as a successful effort in documenting a serious threat to our society: Russian cyberwar against the U.S. And this the indictments do in spades.

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Facebook officials did not say how the company would stop foreign agents from setting up fraudulent mailing addresses or hiring people in the check them. Untrue but widely circulated. He also has falsely claimed that he never disputed Russian involvement.

"I never said Russian Federation did not meddle in the election, I said 'it may be Russian Federation, or China or another country or group, or it may be a 400 pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer", Trump tweeted early Sunday morning. Korolev told a Journal reporter that Russian citizens, as a general population, supported Trump throughout the campaign trail much more than Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sessions announced on Tuesday that he had ordered the formation of a national cyber-security task force under the aegis of the Justice Department and including Federal Bureau of Investigation agents. But we will find out. Indeed, other polls confirm that a plurality of Americans believes Trump "acted improperly when it comes to any alleged coordination between the Russian government and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign". When he is finished, we can trust the results. Neither Trump nor Facebook's ad guy mentioned the $1.2 million a month Russians spent on the broader disinformation campaign - one that appears to be continuing apace.

Trump has also lost confidence in the American electorate by his failure to condemn the information warfare campaign that audaciously influenced the 2016 presidential elections. US intelligence leaders warned this week that Kremlin operations continue today.

The question is: Is Trump wittingly or unwittingly helping the Kremlin?

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