Coalition of Governors combats gun violence

Joy Montgomery
February 25, 2018

Gov. Cuomo and the Democratic governors of Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island announced the creation Thursday of the "States for Gun Safety" coalition to share resources and intelligence to curb gun trafficking and prevent unsafe individuals from purchasing guns.

Four governors announced a coalition this week to attempt to stop out-of-state guns from coming into their localities with an information-sharing database to trace and intercept firearms.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says more than 80 percent of the gun crimes in New Jersey are committed with guns from out of state.

The group will create the nation's first Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium to study the causes and effects of gun violence.

The four governors will urge others to join the coalition at this weekend's National Governors Association meeting.

That group will conduct studies to better inform policy makers. "We are taking law-abiding citizens and making them criminals".

There's plenty of talk about how to prevent mass shootings like the one last week at a school in Parkland, Florida.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his state created a mental health database after the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, where 26 children and adults were slain. Because it means selling more guns and the NRA is in the business of selling guns. All of our states are already ahead of the federal government when it comes to laws on this issue.

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"We're not waiting for federal action".

They've formed a coalition called "States For Gun Safety". People may be disqualified from owning a firearm for several reasons, including an arrest warrant, order of protection, debilitating mental health condition, or criminal history.

"We want to send a powerful message to the entire country that it's possible to strengthen gun laws and save lives", said Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo.

The coalition will allow the states to share information regarding people who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.

Murphy hopes to get universities involved in creating the nation's first regional gun violence consortium to collect data and make recommendations on how to stem the slaughter.

Raimondo said she will also push legislation in Rhode Island to address laws that allow military-style weapons, that allow high-capacity ammunition magazines and that allow carrying a concealed weapon in schools and government buildings. "The problem is mentally ill people and risky people having access to guns".

All four governors agree what they are doing does not take the place of action on background checks and metal health that still need to be taken by Washington.

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