The Government Confirms Support for Opt-Out Organ Donation Bill

Violet Powell
February 25, 2018

"Around the country there are 50,000 people living with transplanted organs", she said.

He added that "the sooner these changes become law, the sooner we can maximise the number of lives saved from donations from the majority who are happy for their organs to be used after their death, while ensuring those who object to donating their organs can opt out quickly and easily".

'Every day, three people in the United Kingdom die waiting for a donated organ.

Mr Robinson said a cautious assessment by the NHS suggested that the opt-out system, backed up with the right resources, could save up to 500 lives every year.

Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson's private members' bill would bring England into line with Wales, which already has an opt-out system for consent - with exemptions for under-18s and adults not able to make informed decisions.

He added: "Over the last few years the steady increase in donations and transplantations has slowed and in the last four years, to be more precise, it has in effect in England plateaued. These proposals to transform the way organ donation works are so important and I welcome the Government's commitment to the lifesaving power of organ donation".

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The UK government is consulting on introducing an opt-out system.

"Today's debate is about making sure the Government delivers on its promise".

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party took part in Friday's debate to urge MPs to support what he described as a wonderful measure which he said would save many lives.

MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Bill, with every MP in the chamber voting "aye".

"Keira's story and Max's story demonstrate that more organs mean more saved lives".

It must then clear further stages in the Commons and undergo scrutiny in the House of Lords before becoming law.

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