Asus Introduces the Zenfone 5 Lite Smartphone at MWC 2018

Allan Goodman
March 2, 2018

You can expect the official USA price to be a little higher than that, but we'll share that detail with you soon as we hear about it. But ASUS says this is the first instance that the chip's AI capabilities have been unlocked for a phone. While the Zenfone 5 Lite has a simpler design, the standard and 5Z models take obvious design cues from Apple's flagship handset. The special AI-enhanced features in the ZenFone 5Z adapt and learn the more they are used, delivering flawless photos every time and creating a truly personal experience for the user. "It uses a 6.2" screen that takes up 90% of the front surface of the phone. Expect more info on the new trio of phones in the future.

Asus claims the display has AI features, like automatic color temperature adjustment, but that's misleading marketing at best since it's not using machine learning, just responding to an input.

On stage, Asus addressed the notch on the 6.2-inch Zenfone 5, saying it has advantages over Apple's iPhone X, but did not explicitly the company's name on stage. Apart from that it has the same features as the Zenfone 5Z. Both versions have 64 GB of storage. You can also expand storage up to 2TB with microSD card and dual SIMs are supported, with dual 4G and dual VoLTE enabled.

The dual camera sensor (with 12- or 8-MP) on the back of the phone is a new feature, too. We'll keep you posted once we receive more information regarding this device from ASUS. There is also a wide-angle lens that offers a 120-degree field of view enabling you to capture expanded landscapes and easier group shots in cramped up spaces.

We know it's confirmed for the United Kingdom, but we've yet to hear any news about Australia, the U.S. or any other markets. A lot of the AI-branded features of the ZenFone 5, admittedly, aren't even really AI.

The loud sound is achieved thanks to the larger bottom speaker (41 percent larger than on ZenFone 4) and earphone (25 percent larger), as well as the dual amp with DTS Headphone:X surround sound tuning. Like the leaks revealed, the Zenfone 5 has a notch in the display and ASUS isn't ashamed to say they copied it from Apple, though they justify their action by saying their own notch is smaller.

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Externally, the suffix-less Zenfone 5 is identical to its faster cousin. The primary difference is in the core specifications.

The ZenFone 5 will be available to buy in late summer in two shades: blue and silver. It also tops out at 6 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage. Asus did mention that the unit we were using was on beta software, so it's possibly just a bug. The Taiwanese company unveiled two new smartphones-the mid range ZenFone 5 and the flagship ZenFone 5Z.

ZENFONE 5 LITE. ASUS' budget 5 variant has a quad-camera setup and a notch-less 18:9 screen. It also has two cameras on the back. ZenFone 5 Lite has a 20MP Sony at the front, 16MP at the rear - and, a secondary 120° wide-angle camera at both front and rear.

Both Zenfones have a 3,300mAh battery each with AI Charging technology. That's probably because it uses the Snapdragon 630 SoC that lacks the required AI-acceleration bits for said functions.

The Zenfone 5 has a 12MP Sony IMX363 sensor with a F/1.8 aperture and an 83° FOV.

Asus in total launched five phones including three Zenfone 5 series handsets that come with iPhone X like design.

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