Did Arie Meet Lauren Before The Bachelor?

Peter Castro
March 7, 2018

"I thought it was awfully kind of cold and cold-hearted how they dealt with the whole situation and found that to be kind of disappointing, but it was very cool to see a fellow Prior Lake grad on TV. she handled herself very nicely". The breakup, which played out during the first unedited scene ever aired on the franchise, was devastating to watch and easily propelled her to the top of America's wish list for who should lead the next cycle of The Bachelorette. While she might get that chance in the final episode of the season where she sees Lauren and Arie again, so far The Bachelor has continually milked her emotions for personal gain and to boost ratings. A handful of his exes - Tia Booth, Bekah Martinez, Kendall Long or Seinne Fleming - could have easily been named as the next Bachelorette, had this season of The Bachelor had a more traditional ending.

The second part of the finale, called "The Bachelor: After the Rose" continues tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

But what do you think? "I thought that that heartbreak would go away and it just never went away", he tells Becca. But a romantic will tell you Becca deserves love and honesty just like anybody else, and Arie owed it to her to be honest when the cameras weren't rolling. Arie feels like there is so much more to be said but she said it won't change anything and just wants him to go.

This is the last episode of The Bachelor this season unless they surprise us with another bonus episode. But I knew that it was more than just missing someone.

"I want to find love, I want to meet so many fantastic guys", she said. They overlook a lovely vista and share their feelings, with Arie telling her he will always be honest with you, and Becca presenting him with a scrapbook of their relationship, leaving a blank space for the "Our First Baby" section.

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Yes. Stanford football staffer Ross Jirgl "crashed" the show to try to win back his college girlfriend, but she rejected him.

"It's brutal", Becca says. Becca, already proving to be a good sport, even hopped on Bradley the horse in her sparkly gold gown with a rather high slit up the side. Camera crews trickle in as Arie sits Becca down to talk.

What do you think of how this season ended?

Former Bachelors Sean Lowe and Ben Higgins both acknowledged the awkwardness of ABC's decision. He prosed and she said yes.

With the exes set to come face-to-face in Tuesday's live "After the Final Rose" special, Kufrin's fans are hoping she can toast to some good news, by being named the next "Bachelorette". I came here for us. "I'm a college student and I'm broke but it should be enough to get yourself a drink and praise the lord you don't have to look at his dead eyes for the rest of your life".

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