Statement by Min. Olivia Grange in Observance of Int'l Women's Day

Violet Powell
March 10, 2018

March 8th marked the day when the world commemorated International Women's Day, hopefully, this time with more determination than ever to fully and absolutely empower women by ensuring them equal opportunities and rights, and ending all forms of discrimination against girls and women.

Similarly, a FTSE 100 CEO is more likely to be named David than be a woman, and will earn on average 77% more than their female counterparts. Happy women's day to every virtuous and incredible woman, your presence is inexpressible in few words and so are your deeds.

The ASX held its fourth bell-ringing ceremony on International Women's Day yesterday in support of gender equality in conjunction with industry group Women in ETFs and female entrepreneur platform Head Over Heels. Whether it's surviving a post-apocalyptic future, learning the truth about themselves and their family, or finding a way to keep a country running, shows and movies have highlighted everything women have been through over the years and in the potential future. The dynamic illustrations featured on their site - that depict these women's power so beautifully - were created by designer Candice Massaria. We honor the vital role of women in our communities, businesses, civil society, and government.

These fierce females - all activists and political pioneers - were and are our Wonder Women.

In a statement personally signed by him on Thursday, March 8, 2018, Dr. Ubah who affirmed that the importance of the existence of women must be recognised at all times, said, "Every year we celebrate women's day with a lot of enthusiasm, joy and fanfare". Certainly in education, women are at the top of the class and, according to the Inter-American Development Bank, Barbados and Jamaica have achieved parity and another six countries are on the verge of doing so.

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"We celebrate today the power of activism to bring change for all women, their solidarity and the sisterhood of humanity", added the senior United Nations official.

"BLACK Panther" star Danai Gurira says the hit movie is showing the world that women and men "can work shoulder to shoulder" and their abilities "are equally valued in a society". We are however anxious that despite all our efforts to reach out to community, incidences of gender based violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse of women and girls remain high in the province.

At Notre Dame, they take women's empowerment very seriously.

Today we acknowledge the tremendous contribution of all our stakeholders, donors, United Nations agencies, foreign missions, non-government organisations, civil society and male champions for your commitment towards the realisation of gender equality and the empowerment of our Fijian women.

Ellyn Shook, Accenture's chief leadership and human resources officer, said many companies today are working hard to get more women to the C-suite and into the workforce, but are coming up short because they're not focusing on their overall culture.

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